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I thrive when I'm unraveling the complexities of design and creation, even when it feels like I'm dangling over a metaphorical pit of design despair.

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With over 15 years of eclectic experience in the creative realm, I have worked as a Creative Director, Visual Designer and Product Team Lead (among other adjacent roles), lending my expertise to build, nurture, and lead diverse creative teams, as well as do hands-on creative execution, delivering the caliber of work that boosts organizations' bottom line.

In the mid-2000's I ventured into the realm of full-time freelancing, a modest endeavor that would blossom from a one-man creative production studio into Driftlab - a digital production company boasting offices in Atlanta and St. Louis, and servicing clients including: GM, Bacardi, Quaker Canada, Ford, Anheuser Busch, Sony, Scottrade, ZooYork, and Disney. Eventually, I would leave my agency in the hands of my partner to pursue more hands-on challenges and consulting opportunities.

Today, I split my time working out of my home studio in sunny Sugar Hill Georgia and a studio nook at the Form Films offices, remotely partnering with startups, agencies and non-profits, in both short-term project, and long-term fractional, capacities.

When not in front of a screen, I can be found riding trails in the N. GA mountains, spending time with my family, or snapping photos.


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